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Naturism in Namibia, Africa - the fastest growing "new" destination!
Our Namibia naturist safaris are designed for the true naturist, those
who enjoy
their lifestyle & horse riding in naturism style - but could
do without the thronging masses!

Naturists who wish to practice their lifestyle where it was intended to be - in Nature. 
Here is the ideal  opportunity to make it happen, without having to "search" for a spot 
among thousands  of others - not always present for the same reasons as you.  Come, 
visit the African  continent and . .

 . . The

of Africa - NAMIBIA!



Granted, Naturism in Africa is a totally "new", if not Alien, concept. Like the majority of 
other countries in the world - even where Naturism is over a hundred years old - public 
nudity in general is a criminal offence (Sounds strange for a World where half the women 
on the Continent traditionally walk around bare-breasted for most of their lives!). 

However, the constitution of the Independent Republic of Namibia had been hailed as one 
of the most comprehensive and fair constitutions ever written - also the ONLY to enshrine 
the protection and conservation of Natural resources and the Environment. Fundamental
rights also protected in this same Constitution is, that every person shall be entitled to
enjoy, practice, profess, maintain and promote ANY culture, language, tradition or religion,
, that these protected rights do NOT impinge upon the rights of others! 
Fair enough?


Based on the protection provided by our Constitution, Southern Skies embarked on 
promoting the one cultural lifestyle that truly comes natural in Africa - Naturism! Since 
the first quarter of 2000, we have successfully hosted several small groups and a few 
larger groups on Naturist safaris. While on safari, meals have no set times - NOTHING 
HAS SET TIMES -  you & your  group determine meal times and activities as and when 
required - and it is all included in the safari price! No need to "dress-up" for ANY meal - 
enjoy Naturism to the full!

The minimum number of Guests required per booking to make a safari happen, is two
 freedom to be experienced on
our safaris, will only be shared by those choosing 
to make a booking together - there will be no-one else - unless you
should bring along
! The maximum number of Guests allowed per vehicle and host is six,
larger groups will still 
be able to travel and share the safari, but in a second vehicle
and with their own host. Our
reputation is built on personal service - not effectively
possible with more than six guests per host.
Our safaris offer walking/hiking trails; ex-
ploring surrounding bush area
; swimming, horse riding;  Game viewing drives, or you
may simply wish to relax, read and rest - in the tranquil, unpolluted air of the the
African bush. During both warm and cold nights, experience the convivial & mesmerizing
atmosphere around a log fire under the glittering canopy of the
. .  
                        . . Southern Skies
- all in the nude! 


New Year's Special Currently suspended due to the loss of our key venue for this event. Owners withdrew it and is in the process of selling the premises.
The Private Naturist Currently suspended due to the loss of our key venue for this safari. Owners withdrew it and is in the process of selling the premises.
Angel's View Hiking Adventure Normally restricted to Naturists of above average physical fitness - although children over the age of 10 years are allowed. This is an 8-day Mountain hiking trail which, by its very strict regulations and rules, will allow no second group on the trail until the first is back at base camp - ideal for Naturists. In effect the group will have the entire mountain reserve to themselves for eight days. Can also be offered as a -hike of 4-days, but the hiking fees are unfortunately fixed and not available at half price. 
Naturist's Wildlife Adventure Being one of only two true safaris in our Naturism category, this safari had become very popular in a relatively short time after it was compiled on public request. Several of our "regular" guests, as well as guests wishing to visit Namibia, had expressed eagerness to experience Naturism in Namibia, but mentioned that Namibia is a long haul destination, and to come all this way, but NOT visit at least some of Namibia's famous highlights, caused slight indecision. This 14- day combination Naturist/textile safari was created to offer both Naturism and to include extensive wildlife viewing.
Even THIS very popular safari is temporarily suspended - some of the included naturist's venues here have also been either closed or sold.
Naturist's Desert Adventure  Currently suspended due to the loss of two key venues for this safari. Owners withdrew it and is in the process of selling the premises.

    Please bare with us, we are frantically attempting to acquire alternatives.



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